Odell Brewing Co. 5 Barrel Pale Ale (5.2%)

It’s a funny colour for a pale ale.
No, I won’t go there.
I had a telephone conversation with a brewer yesterday who told me he still gets hassle from members of our friendly “rival” organisation about how he dares call a beer a Black IPA.
My main concern with this beer is its distinct lack of fizz as it’s sitting a little bit lifelessly in my glass.
That’s the only concern I have though as it looks lovely, with a glowing amber hue, and smells of meadow flowers and maple syrup with a background hum of fresh wild mushrooms.
The flavour’s interesting as it carries a lot of wood through it.
Not that I’m suggesting that you can taste the barrels mentioned in the name, but there’s a definite hint of antique sideboard.
It’s all dense and polished and comforting, the kind of wood your grandparents had.
You get a belting caramel with lime zest too, along with that resinous thing so typical of so many American beers.
I particularly like the gentle orange juice that swims around in here which adds a depth that might otherwise be lacking and leads you into a bunch of fresh herbs and flower petals that leave a good lasting dryness.
I just wish it fizzed a little more.

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3 Responses to Odell Brewing Co. 5 Barrel Pale Ale (5.2%)

  1. Hmmm, have a bottle in front of me and it has definite fizz… Think you must have had a dud there…

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