Mikkeller Tettnanger (6.8%)

TettnangerAre you getting fed up of single hopped IPA’s?
I am.
A bit.
Even though this is a brilliant little bottle of beer that leaps out of the bottle a fizzy and fun deep amber, I want a gang of hops in it.
As I smell this beer I smile at the aromas of pears and chives on an old leather sofa.
But it’s still not enough.
The malt is a steadfast old friend, a rounded toffee biscuit with a hint of brandy snap.
But I’m bored of him.
The hops – This time it’s Tettnanger from Germany (though grown in the USA too I believe) – are mixed spice, apple juice and Space Dust, leafy green herbs and lawn clippings.
And the finish?
It’s crisp and dry and softly bitter and it makes this beer an absolute joy to drink.
I’m growing weary of Mikkeller’s superb single hopped IPA’s.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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