The Great Yorkshire Brewery Yorkshire Blackout (5%)

Yorkshire BlackoutWell, this is an enormously chocolatey bottle of fun.
Digestive Biscuits and chocolate, rum and raisin and chocolate.
In fact you might struggle with this beer if you’re not a chocolate fan.
It’s not sticky in any way, there’s no sugary teeth grinding overkill, but Yorkshire Blackout is driven entirely by the massive chocolate heart.
There’s a decent enough autumnal red crunchy leafy hopping and a lick of rum and raisin that leads towards a sticky toffee pudding finish aided by some creamy sweetness from the lactose, but everything and I mean everything is tasted through a thick chocolate shell.
Very nice is chocolate is your thing.

Source: Hoptimism

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4 Responses to The Great Yorkshire Brewery Yorkshire Blackout (5%)

  1. Alex says:

    I had that from the keg at the brewery after a tour back in April. They put Nitogen through it so it was also very smooth. It felt and tasted very indulgent. Couldn’t have more than one pint though. The Brewery is expanding rapidly and exporting to the Far East.

  2. Andy says:

    I reckon this tastes like cheesecake. Loved it! Wish I could get hold of another.

  3. Bill says:

    I tried this wonderful beer at Eden Camp and really enjoyed it, so much so that when my son visited Eden last week he brought me 6 bottles back. Thank you for a wonderful experience. At 64 years old It’s a pleasure to find.

  4. Syd bashford says:

    Tried this with 50% Diet Coke, and the taste changed to an amazing coffee (tia Maria) flavour, with the added extra sweetnes of the coke, was an amazingly refreshing tasty coffee tasting pint. Try it!

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