Brodie’s Brewery Simcoe For Breakfast (10.1%)

Simcoe For BreafastCan you guess what this is?
Yes, that’s right, it’s a Breakfast Stout with Simcoe, and that sounds good doesn’t it?
And you know what?
It is good.
Really good.
Pouring a deep thick purple brown, the smell is a heavy prune and coffee dream, and when you take a swig you find a really hefty beer, a beer that’s big and bold and warm with sticky treacle tart, molasses, espresso, honey and digestive biscuits.
And then there’s the Simcoe that jumps right out of all the sticky malty goodness with a sharp stingingly fresh lime zest, peach, mango and kiwi fruitiness and insodoing gives this thick unguent beer a crisply bitter IPA finish.
In a word, superb.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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One Response to Brodie’s Brewery Simcoe For Breakfast (10.1%)

  1. Mark says:

    I’m currently drinking this beer in the Bachuss Newcastle. I’ve had it many times
    It’s a superb beer of the highest quality. It’s balance is simple without equal. The sweetness is brewed out and we are left with a most beautiful brew.
    This is an epic ale.

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