Lab Culture Brewery: Beer From The Vertivore

Based in Redditch, North Worcestershire, Lab Culture Brewery is part of the environmentally conscious Astwood Group and has been set up to brew beer using the waste heat from their Vertivore – a vertical farming system that produces sustainable crops.
The brewery launched in 2018 and is currently adding new beers to its core range, each named after a 19th Century Scientist.
“That’s all very eco friendly and interesting, but what’s the beer like?” I hear you say.
Well now…

Galilale Galilei (6%)
Lab Culture’s IPA has a solid malt body, all brown sugar syrup, Barley Twists and caramel dunked doughnuts.
It’s a really American malt thing that’s going on, reflected in the resinous yet sugary aroma, more so than I’ve tasted in many other British IPAs.
Reminiscent of Sierra Nevada’s Pale or Victory’s Hop Devil, it’s a big boisterous malt bodythat swims around your head and sticks to your palate.
Through it comes the welcome sharpness of lemon zest and grapefruit, sticky orange marmalade and green nettle leaves from the hops along with a gloopy redwood resinous hit in the big bitter finish.

Alefred Nobel (3.8%)
Fancy a Session Rye IPA?
You do?
Good, because I’m a sucker a Rye beer as many of you ready know, and heard the Rye works wonders, bringing lots of extra body to a light IPA that might suffer from feeling a bit thin otherwise.
Pouring a peachy gold with a big frothy head, the aroma is full of apricots and bread dough.
Taking a swig you find that the Rye is right at the heart of the beer’s body, all meaty pumpernickel sexiness against the sweet pancake and honey of the barley and wheat.
The hops bring a slap of hedgerow greenery, steely and dry and speckled with zingy lemon zest.

Gregor MendAle (4.2%)
This is a light and delicate Pale Ale, a beer for a lazy Sunday afternoon sitting in the back garden after mowing the lawn.
It pours a soft peachy gold and smells of garden border flowers and apricot jam.
The malting is round and creamy, all caramel ice cream cornets, runny honey and your granny’s flapjack, while the hops bring orange juice and lemon zest, lots of pithy green leafy goodness and a twist of lime.
All this fun makes for a beer with a long dry bitter finish.

Dairy Milk Stout (5%)
Brewed to celebrate the chocolate made just up the road from the brewery in Bournville, this is a lactose rich creamy milk Stout that’s heavy with chocolatey goodness.
The beer pours a deep purple brown with a thick cappuccino head and from the first swig you find smooth rich chocolate, cocoa powder, a hint of fruity plums and a swish of hedgerow greenery.
This is a beer to be taken as a whole, not to be broken into its separate parts.
It’s big and round and chewy, sweet and satisfying, a bar of milky chocolate liquidised and served up in a fridge cold can.
I like this a lot.


Source: Lab Culture Brewery

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Half Acre Beer Company Deep Space (10%)

This is Chicago’s Half Acre Brewing Co’s Double IPA and it is a bit of a monster.
It pours a inch Amber with a frothy little head and has that American IPA smell that’s full of barley sugar and pine resin.
In fact the smell is inviting and round, but appears very innocent.
It isn’t until you swig a mouthful that you realise that alongside the candy canes and Demerara sugar, honey and waffles of the malts and the lemon zest, melon, peach, redwood earthiness and pithy herbal leaves of the hops that you find that this is indeed a ten percenter that smuggles its booze into you frighteningly easily.
Lovely, but dangerous.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Verdant Brewing Co. Everyone Was Spinning (6.6%)

Full of chocolate and dry as a bone this Black IPA, brewed in collaboration with Buxton is very good indeed.
You’ll find spun sugar and molasses, treacle tart, honey and well toasted brown bread crusts from the malts, along with liquorice and the hint of glacé cherries, before the hops come in with a wave of sharp and dry, bitter and metallic, tongue twisting green herbal leaves, lemon zest and orange rind, nettle tea, woody redwood bark and earthy woodland foliage.
The alcohol bings a round rum boozy heat, a raisin sweetness at its edges and the finish is long and dry as a bone.

Source: Otter’s Tears

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The Brewery Of St. Mars Of The Desert Jack D’Or (6.4%)

Some years ago I fell in love with and wrote open love letters to Pretty Things Beer Project, and earlier this year I discovered they had moved to the UK, re-christened themselves, and are now based in Sheffield.
And I still love them.
Love them deeply.
Because their beer is astonishingly good.
There’s just so much more depth to what they do than to so many other breweries.
This, a new interpretation of the Jack D’Or that I gushed about some years ago, is a brilliant Saison packed with honeycomb and pancakes, waffles and caramel, along with a mightily slap of fresh herbal greenery, lime zest and creamy lemon curd from the hops, and the gently warm fug of yeast that brings a sweet silage kiss to the carrot cake and cinnamon finish.
Simply superb.

Source: Otter’s Tears Beer Co.

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Neon Raptor Brewing Co. 20,000 Containers Uber The Sea (11%)

This, a Raspberry and Vanilla Imperial Stout, is absolutely delightful.
It’s big and boozy, sweet and sexy, with a raspberry ripple ice cream heart that’s surrounded by Belgian waffles coated in dark chocolate, praline and honey, freshly fried doughnuts, and caramel brittle from the malting.
There’s a little slash of partially green and herbal, partially red and crunchy autumnal hops, lime zest and lemon rind, orange marmalade and basil leaves creating a clean swipe of fresh foliage, and the heart warming clear white rum booziness that the alcohol brings.
But everything floats around the most lovely raspberry ice cream flavours that this beer is all about.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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