Cloudwater Brew Co. ™Life (6%)

Brewed in collaboration with Other Half Brewery, this beer was going to be called Bud Life but a certain brewing megalith decided they weren’t going to allow it and so ™Life it is.
Amarillo Mosaic and Chinook combine to make this pale gold beer with its fluffy little head an absolute delight.
But then we wouldn’t expect anything else from Cloudwater, right?
The aroma is orchard fruit and garden border flowers, sweet and fruity and delicious, and as soon as you take a mouthful the hops are right there.
They’re fresh with passion fruit and lime zest, mango and peach, and a lovely thick and woody tobacco leaf stickiness that makes the fruit salad finish feel round and deep.
There’s a solid malt body as well, with honey and caramel, waffles and Fruit Loop cereal creating a spun sugar and biscuit backbone and keeping the beer feeling round and chewy.
I’m voting ™Life.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Lithic Brewing Co. Black IPA (6.3%)

This is a decent little Black IPA that does everything that you would want from the style.
It pours an inky black with a nice frothy cappuccino head and smells of chocolate coated plums.
There’s a very good malting that’s thick and round and rich with dark chocolate and coffee beans, honey, bran flakes and prunes, and there’s also a very nice little peppery kick of spicy yeast before the hops slap you with lemon zest and orange marmalade, pithy bitter hedgerow greenery and a fizzing sherbet that leads you to a lovely dry bitter finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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To Øl Black Malts & Body Salts (9.9%)

My little band, Sarandon, used to do a song called “Lippy”.
It was about that bloke that you meet in the pub who has always, “done more than you’ve done, had even more fun, found trouble more often.”
This might just be the beer equivalent.
Black Malts & Body Salts is a monstrously big and blindingly good Imperial Black Coffee IPA that pours an impenetrable inky black with a fuzzy cappuccino head and a smell that’s heavy with prunes and coffee, India rubber and coffee.
The malting is a slab of cinder toffee, a plate of brandy snaps, baths full of honey, bottles of brandy and sheds full of bitter dark chocolate.
Massive and imposing, megalithic almost, the malting towers above you and dares you to tackle it.
And as you do the hopping sneaks up from behind and slaps you with bitter steely herbal leaves, gloopy maple syrup and brittle autumnal leaf litter, slashing at your lips with a sharp bitterness.
And if all this wasn’t enough there’s a rich round and woody black coffee that bubbles away underneath p, dilating your pupils and keeping your senses pin sharp as you head towards the long dry sticky tamarind finish.
This beer is Lippy.

Source: Pop ‘n’ Hops


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Brew By Numbers 16|07 (5.2%)

16|07 is a Red Ale brewed with Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe.
It’s a beer that sits a conker red in my glass.
Conker red with a fluffy cream head.
Conker red with a fluffy cream head and an aroma full of toffee and almonds and hyacinths.
Conker red with a fluffy cream head and an aroma full of toffee and almonds and hyacinths and, oh you get the idea.
The malting is round and sticky, full of runny honey and toffee coated biscuits, and the hops are all rather autumnal, giving you crunchy leaf litter, walnuts and hedgerow leaves, a dab of marmalade a splash of zingy lemon zest and a handful of woody tobacco leaves.
Conker red with a fluffy cream head, toffee and good stuff and yum.

Source: EeBria

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West By Three Brewing Co. Berry White IPA (7.1%)

This is part of West By Three’s Small Batch Pilot Series and it is, simply put, stunningly good.
It’s an oat heavy IPA with a splash of lactose and lots of blackberries, raspberries and rhubarb, and it pours a pink tinged gold with a fuzzy head and smells of summer fruit compote.
There’s a very good caramel and ice cream cornet malt that also gives you some runny honey and shortcake, and the hopping is a pithy dry hit of hedgerow greenery, hazel leaves, nettle tea and lemon zest.
But what makes this beer so good is how the fruit, which is round and fleshy and fresh, isn’t allowed to go overly tart because the lactose pulls it back with a creamy vanilla kiss that makes the beer feel smooth and luscious.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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