Magic Rock Brewing Co. Luminance (6.5%)

A Magic Rock NEIPA on a supermarket shelf would have been unthinkable a year or two ago, but thanks to their great big major deal they can put all sorts of stuff into shops.
Is that how it works?
Regardless, Tesco are doing some pretty exciting things with cloudy beers, flavoured Stouts, Belgians, and they’re making my go-to beers far more interesting than they were and, hopefully, turning beer drinkers on to more and more interesting things that will lead them into discovering the joys of their local independent beer stores.
Luminance is a lightly cloudy IPA with lots of mango and peach, pear, pineapple and herbal leaf hoppy goodness coupled with a soft and sweet caramel, brioche and honey malt body.
It’s not the best NEIPA in the world, but it’s a damned good beer to find on a supermarket shelf.

Source: Tesco

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Fyne Ales Beer/Life Balance (4%)

This is a soft and subtle little Grisette brewed with oranges and lemons that give it a delightfully zingy aroma and a splash of juiciness in the finish.
Around it the malts are creamy biscuits, a dab of honey and a lick of toffee and bran flakes, while the hops add a pithy bitter dryness.
Brewed as a collaboration with Beerbliotek and Beer52 (which made it a little strange to find in an Honest Brew selection), this is a rather nice way to start Easter Sunday lunch.

Source: Honest Brew

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Brasserie Popihn IPA Citra Mosaic (6.9%)

What a bright and juicy bottle of fun this is.
France’s Popihn have brewed a cloudy golden IPA with a fluffy white head and an aroma heavy with orange segments and peach slices.
There’s a lot of that in the flavour as well, those oranges and peaches making the beer fresh and tangy, round and fruity, bolstered by the stone fruit and lightly spiced earthiness of the yeast, all this hoppy goodness is presented on a platform of sweet Demerara sugar coated biscuits and honey waffle malts.
The finish is bitter, pithy and fizzing with sherbet lemon fun.

Source: Honest Brew

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LOKA POLLY Patternist (6.6%)

Yet another IPA from LOKA POLLY that’s so good it’s difficult to know what to say about it.
It’s juicy and fruity, smooth and creamy, there’s a lovely white rum booziness that rides its way through the beer, making it feel crisp and clean in the finish.
The hops – El Dorado and Simcoe – bring woody tobacco leaves, lime zest, green garden herbs and sharp bitter lemon zest, and the malting is soft and sweet, with caramel and shortcake biscuits, French bread crusts and a spoonful of honey.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Brehon Brewhouse Mechanical Turk (5.7%)

When I read Spiced Coffee Milk Stout I had my doubts.
It just seemed too much somehow.
But I have to admit that this is delicious.
Brewed with coffee and cardamom, the lactose make the beer creamy and smooth while the coffee is rich and woody, the cardamom adding a spicy crackle and the malts bringing lots of dark chocolate, biscuits, honey and Ovaltine.
There’s a slap of green and pithy herbal hops at the edges, adding a good bitterness to the long chewy finish.

Source: Honest Brew

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