Wild Beer Co. Tepache (6%)

Tepache is a traditional fermented Mexican soft drink and Wild have decided to make an adult version.
More importantly, it’s an absolute delight.
Brewed with pineapples, spices and an in-house wild yeast strain, a little lactose has been added to bring a touch of sweetness and a smooth body to this deep amber beer.
The aroma is sweet and fruity with a hint of farmyard silage, it’s earthy and round and inviting, and taking a swig you find a sharp fruitiness, sugar cane, Demerara sugar syrup, runny honey and crumbly biscuits.
There’s also a sharp herbal hit from the hops, they’re steely and dry and they add a good freshness to the fungal woodiness of the salty yeast.
The finish is lightly sour and delightfully bitter.

Source: The Wild Beer Co.

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Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. Super Saison (6%)

Just the kind of beer for a day as hot as today, Super Saison is brewed with Kaffir Lime and Lemon Verbena and it’s crisp and sharp and refreshing.
You find that earthy fug of Saison yeast loitering in the background of the beer, making it feel round and chewy, while the malts give you lots of toffee brittle and vanilla pancakes.
The hops are a fresh blast of herbal greenery and a hint of woody resin, but it’s the lemon and lime that makes this beer really lovely, with its perfumed zingy zest that leads you into a sharp bitter finish.

Source: EeBria

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Wylam Brewery Bróðirblóð (6%)

Brewed in collaboration with Northern Monk this is a Red Rye and Juniper infused Nordic Ale.
Personally, I don’t care what they call it when it tastes as good as this does.
Pouring a deep cherry red, the aroma is honey and gin, clean and crisp and invitingly sweet.
Taking a swig you find a big earthy pumpernickel malt, some toffee biscuits, a little runny honey and a hit of green herbal hedgerow hops.
And then there’s the Juniper that wanders all over the beer adding a deliciously clean gin fruitiness, crisp and clear and as dry as a bone, it makes for a long satisfyingly bitter finish.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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Wild Beer Co. Rooting Around (3%)

This is a very gentle and ultra pale little beer brewed with foraged Linden and Beech leaves and buds, lots of rice to keep the beer light and hardly any hops.
I’m pretty sure that this is the beer that John Craven tried on Countryfile a couple of weeks ago.
He was polite but appeared rather perplexed by what he was drinking, and I can understand why.
If you are used to a Best Bitter as your antidote to pub Lagers then Rooting Around is a very long way from what you might understand to be beer.
That said, this is a stunningly good little bottle, low in alcohol and easy drinking, it’s more like a cold brewed herbal tea than a beer per se.
There’s a light woodiness, a splash of lemon juice, pithy hedgerow greenery, a soft and subtle caramel body and just a hint of tartness in the finish.
It’s lovely stuff but miles from what a traditional beer drinker might expect, and that would explain Mr Craven’s confused look.

Source: EeBria

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Dry & Bitter Still Lifestyle (7.3%)

Still Lifestyle is a Coffee Porter and a beer that makes me have to admit to myself that I love Dry & Bitter of Denmark.
The beer pours a deep purple brown with a little ring of cappuccino bubbles for a head and smells of plums and coffee.
It’s a fresh and inviting smell and it draws you in to your glass for a sip.
And when you take a mouthful you find treacle tart and pecan pie, dark chocolate and honey waffles from the malts and a great big hit of fresh woody cold brewed coffee.
There’s also a great big smack of herbal greenery, lemon zest and camomile tea from the hops before the beer grabs you with an enormous dry bitter finish that twists your tongue in the most delightful way.
Yup, I’ve really fallen for Dry & Bitter.

Source: Hippo Beers

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