Bedlam Brewery Pale (4.8%)

Pouring a rich gold with a little fizzy head, this is a decent little Pale Ale.
The body is a chewy caramel, hay bale, rich tea biscuit and runny honey malt, an the aroma is packed with very similar things.
There’s also some very nice apple and pear juice and then lots of orchard greenery, nettle tea, lemon zest and just a hint of aniseed from the hopping.
All this makes for a beer with a big heart and a long dry crisp finish.

Source: Beer Untold

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Saltaire Brewery Belgian Red (7.2%)

Part of Saltaire’s XS range, this is a lovely beer that’s absolutely heaving with black cherry and walnut flavours.
The beer pours a ruby red and smells of toffee and barley sugar sweets.
The malting is rich and round and chewy, full of red cherries and treacle tart, vanilla pancakes and brandy snaps, and there’s a good hit of hedgerow greenery, garden herbs, lemon zest and nettle tea from the hops.
You also find a spicy bread dough warmth from the yeast and a slap of alcohol heat that drives you towards the rich round forest fruits of the finish.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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Blackjack Beers Small Saison (4.5%)

This is absolutely lovely.
A Saison with a reasonably low ABV but all of the flavour of its 6% brothers and sisters.
The beer pours a pale gold with a little bubbly head and smells of orchard fruits and a hint of damp woodland.
The malting is a soft caramel, bread dough and bagel delight, it’s light and round and chewy with a rich honey aftertaste, while the yeast adds all those Saison bits and pieces that we love, from a peppery spice to a funky earthy fug, and over this zips the lemon zest and dry as a bone pithy herbal hedgerow of the hops that leave you with a lip smackingly crisp finish.

Source: EeBria

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Alechemy Bring Out The Imp (10.5%)

Two things.
Thing One: Waitrose have some inspired buyers who know their stuff and aren’t afraid to challenge their customers.
Thing Two: Alechemy make some great beer and this is an astonishing thing to find on a supermarket shelf.
Bring Out The Imp is an Imperial Stout brewed with molasses, liquorish and oatmeal, fermented with a Belgian yeast and aged in Côtes Du Rhône casks.
Yes, you read that right.
And you can find it in a supermarket.
Most importantly, it’s a thing of loveliness.
The beer pours tar thick and smells of rum and raisin chocolate and coal tar soap.
There’s a rich chewy malt packed with cocoa and black coffee, burned wholemeal toast and runny honey, while the hops provide an autumnal leaf litter crunch, red and woody, with conkers and lemon rind giving a nutty hit with a much needed citrus sharpness.
But the beer doesn’t end there.
Because the oatmeal makes the beer feel thick and creamy and gives a touch of vanilla while the barrel ageing adds a damp woodiness and a delightful tongue crinkling tannin dryness to the round brown sugar finish.
I love this.

Source: Waitrose

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Cromarty Brewing Co. Kool Runnings (4.5%)

Kool Runnings is an India Pale Lager that pours a straw gold and smells of lime cordial and peaches.
Taking a swig you are met by a soft and smooth creamy malt body, it’s made of caramel wafers and vanilla pancakes, honey and oatmeal biscuits and it’s very pleasant.
The hopping, which changes depending on the season is, in this instance, Hallertau Blanc and Simcoe, and it gives you a nice green hedgerow snap, a hint of fresh rolling tobacco, sherbet lemons, grapefruit, peaches and nettle tea.
It’s sharp and fresh and fruity and it makes for a finish that’s crisp and dry and very refreshing.
Good stuff.

Source: Hippo Beers

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