Ampersand Brew Co. Farmhand (7.1%)

I rather like this grapefruit and green tea Saison, its frothy head floating and foamy above its rich amber body.
The smell is fruity sweets with a hint of leafiness and taking a mouthful you’re first met by a solid caramel and brioche, doughnut, pretzel and honey malt body that is closely followed by a slap of fresh green herbal hops and a warm earthy yeast fug that’s pushed along by an alcoholic warmth.
Then there’s the lovely ripe grapefruit flavour that’s sweetened by that malty brown sugar undercurrent, while in the finish the green tea adds a woody perfumed kiss to end everything just beautifully.

Source: Ales By Mail

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Brewheadz Passionate Morning Cuppa (5%)

Brewed in collaboration with BrewDog Camden, this is an Oatmeal Pale Ale brewed with passionfruit and Keemun, a black Chinese tea.
It all sounds interesting, and it smells and tastes rather good, pouring a pale gold with a creamy head, the aroma is a nose full of fresh and juicy tropical fruit.
The malting is smooth and creamy as the oatmeal does its thing, there’s a little shortcake and a dab of honey as well.
The hopping is sharp and keen, with lemon zest and lime leaves giving a swipe of bitterness while the passionfruit is round and fleshy and the tea adds a pan earthy tannin dry background hum to the crisp refreshing finish.

Source: EeBria

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Lost Industry Brewing Sulawesi (4.9%)

Once more proving that he should be on everyone’s lips, Jimmy’s Chocolate Milk Stout with a hint of Lime is absolutely superb.
It pours a deep purple brown with a big fluffy cappuccino head and smells of chocolate pennies.
Yes, chocolate pennies.
And that childhood sweet fuelled fun continues into the flavour as, taking a big swig, you find chocolate ice cream and chewy milk bottles, thick and creamy, smooth and sweet.
There’s a dash of pithy back garden foliage from the hops and the Kaffir lime leaves bring a splash of bright citrus colour to the edges of the beer.
All in all Sulawesi is an absolute delight.

Source: Ales By Mail

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Magic Rock Brewing Co. Sour Passion (4.7%)

Brewed with mango, passionfruit, lemon, lime and salt, this is a gently fruity delight.
It begins with a big fresh bouquet of juicy fruit pulp that draws you down into the pale golden beer.
There’s a soft and subtle malting, it’s light and creamy and gives you honey and wafers and just a dab of brown sugar.
There are hops as well, though oddly the label doesn’t tell us what they while it lists everything else, but they’re pretty much a fleeting glimpse of hedgerow greenery before the fruit comes calling.
The mango and passionfruit are round, fleshy and succulent and the lemon and lime add lots of zingy zest.
And then, in the crisp tart finish the salt adds a sea air ozone smack that tingles your lips.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Ales By Mail

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Big Smoke Brew Co. The Judge (8.5%)

Big Smoke’s Double IPA hides its alcohol frighteningly well.
So well in fact, that with its lovely juicy hops and big malty kiss, it’d be far too easy to find yourself drinking this into oblivion.
The beer pours a sunny gold with a fluffy little head and smells of peaches and apricots and a little woody spice.
There’s a solid chewy malt backbone that’s packed with caramel and brioche, honey and bagels that’s underpinned by a tiny prickle of earthy yeast and then a big blast of hoppy adventure.
Citra and Mosaic combine to give you lashings of lemon curd and tangerine zest, lime leaves and melon while the Simcoe adds some fresh rolling tobacco and a resinous woodiness that makes the beer dry and pithy in the finish.
And all the while that booze hides away, only popping up with the slightest hint of brandy snaps right at the very end.
This is a very good beer indeed.

Source: Big Smoke Brew Co.

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