Pressure Drop Brewing Rhubarb: A Users Guide (3.7%)

As pleasant as this is to drink, and it is pleasantly refreshing, if the bottle hadn’t proclaimed the addition of rhubarb to the brew, I’d never have guessed that it was involved.
I can’t find it anywhere.
There’s lots of zippy zingy lemon sherbet and some woody herbs from the lemon thyme andjust a hint of the added rose petals in the aroma.
The body is a light and subtle caramel and honey, and the hops add more citrus and foliage.
But rhubarb?
Nope, I can’t find any trace of it.

Source: Ales By Mail

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Dry & Bitter Brewing Co. Raspvery (5.5%)

I’m still out of love with sour beer, but I know a well made one when I taste it and Dry & Bitter’s kettle soured Raspberry Beer is, like everything else they do, very well made indeed.
The aroma is raspberries suspended in lemon jelly and the beer is a glowing pink thing with a foaming little head.
Taking a swig the fruit is front and centre of the beer, sharp and juicy and ever so fresh and fleshy, while the metallic tang of the kettle souring sharpens up the herbal greenery of the hops and cuts across the brown sugar and brioche of the malting.
Well made but not my thing anymore.

Source: Ales By Mail

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Unity Brewing Co. Printemps (6.4%)

Printemps is a Spring Saison brewed with foraged stinging nettles, and it is absolutely beautiful to drink.
Pouring a pale gold with a big fuzzy head, the aroma is fresh and herbal and zingy, and from the first mouthful you find a bright and tangy, pithy and woody hit of herbal greenery.
The hops, UK grown Cascade, are themselves sharp and snappy, with lemon zest and mown lawns adding to the layers of bright dry pithiness to the edges of the beer.
The malting is soft and subtle, sweet and creamy with caramel and warm with honey and French bread, while in the finish the Brettanomyces and alcohol add a lightly tart warmth.
This is super.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Partizan Brewing Co. Lychee & Rose Martini Saison (4%)

What a delicately delicious beer this is, pouring a pale and slightly cloudy gold and smelling of summer gardens.
There’s the finest, subtle malting giving you crackers and caramel, a lick of honey and some soft buns while the hops are dry and brittle, green, herbal and bitter.
The Saison yeast creates a warm earthy spice in the background and the lychee and rose work beautifully, drifting across the finish with a lovely sweet flowery perfume.

Source: EeBria

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Abbeydale Brewery Kid Ryenamite (6.5%)

A collaboration with Alphabet Brewing Co. and named after Kid Dynamite, this is a very drinkable rye powered Baltic Porter.
And the rye plays a big part, from the deep and dirty treacle smell to the earthy pumpernickel in the flavour, you couldn’t mistake this for anything other than a rye beer.
The cocoa adds an extra chocolatey depth to the burned toast and honeycomb of the malts, while the hops are crunchy and brittle and really rather autumnal with their maple syrup and leaf litter crunch.
All this and a finish that’s rich and sticky makes this a beer worth taking your time over.

Source: Abbeydale Brewery

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