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A Much Needed Pork Injection: GBBF 2014

It’s that time of year, and Olympia in the sunshine is a lovely building. I’d made my way down to London with my good friend and fellow CAMRGB member, Chris, and on arriving we met up with a slightly hung over … Continue reading

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The Class Of 2013: How New UK Breweries Are Adapting To A Busier Beer Scene

Are we in a beer bubble, or will the British beer revolution continue to flourish? Nobody really knows, but the 177 British breweries that launched in 2013 clearly felt there was still plenty of room for their beer to thrive. … Continue reading

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All Tied Up: An Interview With Tony Leonard, The Snowdrop Inn

Interview: Tony Leonard, landlord of the Snowdrop Inn, Lewes, on why all beer lovers should care about the beer tie. The issue of beer tie reform has animated CAMRA for some time, but rarely sets craft hearts racing. Sure, the … Continue reading

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Beer? In A Can? In Wetherspoons?

Yes. Beer in a can in Wetherspoons. And not just any old beer either. American “Craft” beer in cans from Sixpoint Brewery of Brooklyn. I’d not been into a Wetherspoons for at least a year until the morning after the … Continue reading

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Case Study: The Campaign For Really Good Beer

This essay is an extract from a Masters thesis that investigates Voluntary Cultural Organisations, how they grow and how they work in the real world. The full thesis included a section on The Quilters’ Guild Of The British Isles, but … Continue reading

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