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There Is No Such Thing As Craft Beer

Please take a moment, if you’ve not watched it already, to watch this interview on BBC Breakfast TV with a founding member of CAMRA. I’ve now watched it several times and have become more and more annoyed with each consecutive … Continue reading

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The CAMRGB Survey Monkey

In the last couple of days CAMRA have made a big deal about announcing that they are going to be surveying all their members with regards to the direction of travel for their organisation in the light of the changes … Continue reading

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Case Study: The Campaign For Really Good Beer

This essay is an extract from a Masters thesis that investigates Voluntary Cultural Organisations, how they grow and how they work in the real world. The full thesis included a section on The Quilters’ Guild Of The British Isles, but … Continue reading

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Make Mine A Keg: Trade Day At The Great British Beer Festival 2013

How very genteel Trade Day is. No elbowing my way through bustling, hustling crowds fighting to get served, instead my day was spent with a couple of old mates bumping into friends as we wandered slowly around Olympia grabbing beers … Continue reading

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My Life in Beer

It strikes me that, over the years, I have had an attitude to beer that may well have reflected the expected maturity curve – without ever drinking lager – but which has taken a slightly anarchistic tangential deflection of late. … Continue reading

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