Moorhouse’s Pendle Witches Brew (5.1%)

Brewing since the mid 1800’s, Moorhouse’s of Burnley are a stalwart of the North West.
I remember drinking this beer in pubs around Lancashire in the past (and I mean the dim distant past) but I’ve never tried them bottled before.

Interestingly for us here at CAMRGB, this well established “olde worlde” brewer filters its beers.
No sediment here.
They’ve decided that filtered bottles are best.

No waste and no mess you see.
I hear your shocked cries of, “But that means this brewer of one hundred and fifty years’ beer is not REAL!”
Perhaps in the bottle its a simulacrum of the cask?

Anyway, the beer.
Pendle Witches Brew is a lightish golden ale with delightful honey malts, some good dark woody notes with a hint of spice and a hit of black pepper.
Did I get traces of chocolate orange?
It’s certainly in my notes.
This is a fantastic, easy drinking ale. Perfect for a slow drink on a warm evening.

Visit Moorhouse’s Brewery.

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