Williams Bros. Profanity Stout (7%)

It seems the boys at Williams Bros. Brewery are working with new young brewers and helping them develop their recipes.
One of these collaborations is a little 330ml bottle of inky black goodness called Profanity.
This is not just a stout.
This is a modern stout.
To be honest I’m getting a little dubious of the over-use of the term modern.
If we’re not careful beer is going to enter the nouvelle cuisine stage that food did about 30 years ago.
That said, this is a really good stout.

Profanity gives you a nice smokey chocolate and hints of over ripe plums in rum.
Lurking at the back is an odd hint of Parma Violets and Jelly Babies.
Not unpleasent, but definitely odd.
The drink is finished off with a very clever dry hopping that leaves you puckered like a drawstring bag.
Tasty and good.

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