A Pair Of American Beauties

Oregon Brewing Co. Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale
I love Rogue beers and this one’s no exception.
The label comes with no ABV notice and the importer hadn’t added one, so I’ve no idea of the strength, though it felt as though it was around the 5+ mark.
Dark and red and mysterious-looking in the glass with deeply satisfying redwood aromas, this little bottle of fun is all toffee and red berries, light joss perfume, cinnamon sticks and a touch of cardamom.
Dry as all hell finish.


Odell 90 Shilling (5.3%)
This is Odell’s signature beer and it’s a thing of loveliness.
It’s a deep, dark bronze beer with an extraordinary warm rum and ripe plum flavour.
This is a really complex bottle beer, after the rum there’s thick pine resin, lovely chewy caramel and then a satisfying fizzy burst of dry floral hop.

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