Beers To Make You Smile Hard – The Summer Wine Brewery

The Summer Wine Brewery are based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.
The brewery has been growing at an alarming rate since its inception in 2008 and has just this week started selling its four main casked beers in bottles.
The bottles are unfiltered and unpasteurised and I tried them.

Diablo IPA (6%)
Punched in the mush by tropical fruits!
The beer is a lovely golden straw with really zingy, tingly sherbet fizz.
The malt is round and warm and has a great fig roll richness.
The hopping is big and bold and bullish and beautiful.
Leaves the driest, most lip puckering finish you could hope for.



Kahuna (6%)
The New Zealand hops are big and round and fruity.
The beer pours a deep satisfying orange and there’s the merest hint of rum heat.
This beer is all about mango and watermelon richness with a hefty dose of lime juice.
The smell reminded me of the joy of sticking fruit cocktail sweets up my nose as a child – There’s simply no escaping the pungent aroma.
The finish is long and dry and crisp and fresh.


Rouge-Hop (5%)
Oh man.
Rich, bitter, perfumed ruby red liquid of joy.
All Jasmine rich incense, passion flowers and red wood smoke.
There’s also a subtle hit of liquorice and strawberry laces, pine resin and (now this may sound a bit weird) there’s a lovely smell of crunchy peanut butter.
Then there’s the astringent, palate polishing bitterness of the hops that sit on your tongue and refuse to leave.


Barista Espresso Stout (4.8%)
Do you like a good cup of black coffee that makes your eyes bulge and your temples throb?
Do you like a nice thick, creamy pint of stout that warms your stomach and makes you not altogether serious in conversation?
You do?
Then this is YOUR beer.
There’s a massive hit of black coffee when you crack the cap.
This beer is an espresso and a stout.
The coffee perks you up and the beer gets you into a warm fug.
Shouldn’t work but it really does.

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