A Brace Of Beers From Wibblers

Wibblers Brewery is based in Essex but don’t let that put you off, it has nothing to do with the clichéd branded lager drinking, Escort driving image of the place.
Starting as a hobby, the brewery has quickly turned into a full blown business, racking up trophies from SIBA and Essex Food And Drink Awards along the way.
The brewery has five regular beers along with a bunch of specialities and seasonal brews.
A couple fo their regulars are available in bottles, so I got hold of some.

Hoppy Helper (4%)
The lager malts in this give a really interesting twist to the light ale.
The beer moves from a rich, syrupy baked biscuit towards a German dark lager type resinous flavour, with lots of subtle spices hiding in the background.
Still remaining light and crisp, your palate gets cleansed by the super clean tasting hopping, which gives an intense, elderflower heavy, floral finish.



Apprentice (3.8%)
This is a delightful amber ale.
The malts have a really lovely cinnamon biscuit crunch, all crumbly and dark and caramel heavy.
There are rich, plump raisins and sultanas thrown in, along with a very good dose of black pepper and spikey spices that tingle your tastebuds
All this before a lovely dry, autumnal woody finish.




My only complaint about Wibblers?
Essex is a long way from me making trying their other beers a bit tricky.

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