Dorking Brewery Red India Ale (5%)

Our friends at Cobbett’s Real Ales & Ciders have started to sell their wares online and so I just had to try them.
They have some interesting beers on offer – many of which I’d not come across before.
My order arrived yesterday and, after unpacking and setting aside the bottle conditioned beers to have a rest I chose this as my first beer from my order.
And what a good start, because this is a bit special.
Pouring a deep, dark red with no head but just the right fizz.
The malting is sensuous – maple syrup, beech bark & red woods.
A hint of berries and roasted hazelnuts.
The flavour builds and builds with liquorice and tamarind tartness over a rich treacle toffee base.
And then the hops kick in, all brittle dry leaves and tangy grapefruit.
Long and smooth and dry and awesome.

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