Salopian Icon 4.2%

As The Fast Show has made a recent return to our television screens I can safely gazump Jessie’s diet and state this week I have been mainly drinking Salopian Icon or to be more exact this past weekend I have!
It’s a very hoppy, sharp and refreshing pint full of zesty lemon and fruity flavours and at 4.2% is certainly weaker (and tastier) than those terrible alcopops which were once all the rage.  It’s not as lemony as their Lemon Dream beer either which should be a relief to those who are put off by the fruitier pints or jif lemon on their pancakes! 
And how about that pump clip too? The best I have seen this year and I have not managed to name all those who appear. I will buy a pint for the first person who can…….

In days gone by I used to avoid Salopian beers due to a bad experience with the Shopshire Gold but these past six months I have really enjoyed the likes of their Oracle and aforementioned beers which seem to be appearing in the local pubs in this part of the world (East Bedfordshire) with increasing regularity. Long may it continue and who knows I may try the Shropshire Gold again!

Linky > Salopian Brewery

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