A Pair Of Brewer’s & Union Lagers

So, Brewers & Union.
Another name I’ve seen mentioned all over the place but until now not had a go at.
Thanks to my big box of goodies from Cobbett’s I’ve finally been able to get stuck in.
I have to admit that from the start, being a bit old fashioned politically, I was taken by the name.
On top of that, being a graphic design geek, the brewery’s labels also got me going.

Anyway, this is what I tried:

Versus Goliath (5%)
Unpasteurised amber lager.
Deep and dreamy.
Hints of rum and wonderful honey infused shortcake malts.
Round and yummy and wonderful.
Teasingly subtle flowery hops finish it off beautifully.
I honestly believe that this is a lager good enough to change the mind of the most ardent lager hater.
It has all the clever brewing of every beer geek’s favoured Really Good Beers.


Kreecher (6.5%)
This beer was brewed for the Team Puma Boat that took part in the Volvo Ocean Race.
At 6.5% I can only see people sailing around in circles if this is what they kept in the hold.
Now that’s the kind of boating I could get into.
So, the beer then.
Well, what can I say?
When a lager is done well it can be the loveliest thing.
This is a supercharged lager.
Brewed for eight weeks, the flavours are deep and rich and robust.
There are all the things in here that you want from a lager but all of them amplified.
Caramel sweets and a big warm alcohol kiss, then dry elderflower hops leave a delightful dry palate to finish.
Very good indeed.

I look forward very much to trying more Brewers & Union.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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