Magic Rock Brewing Dark Arts (6%)

A brewery so young shouldn’t be able to make beers so mature.
This is simply superb.
The beer is fathoms deep in the glass and the first mouthful is a blast of crushed black pepper on dark chocolate.
But it doesn’t stop there as the layers of flavour include fresh espresso, hazelnuts, damsons in syrup, treacle and a touch of cardamom.
Then there’s the hops.
The hopping is like the most marvellous IPA, with touches of citrus zest and pith.
It’s dry and delicious and long.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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One Response to Magic Rock Brewing Dark Arts (6%)

  1. steve t says:

    call me a cynic, this review seemed so enthusiastic it did cross my mind the reviewer could be sleeping with someone at the brewery. anyway gave it a try last night , ok its self described as ‘surreal stout’ that is pretentious bollocks, nothing surreal about it. it is a stout and a bloody good one at that, thanks to a certain irish brewer most of us are used to pretty poor stouts. full of flavour with more of a hops kick than youd expect in a stout. now the negative side its a bit pricey and a 330 bottle! which makes this a bit of a posh interesting drink to try rather than something i can afford to fall in love with. now if they could do a 500ml bottle and keep the price under £3 id head back and buy a crate.

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