Nøgne Ø Pale Ale (6%)

Now look, I’ve already owned up to my love affair with all things Norsk.
But this really is a brilliant beer.
One of the things I used to love about being on Norway was how amazing the water tasted, and you can taste it in Nøgne’s beers.
Everything has a clarity that comes from the beautifully clear water.
The malts are caramel sweets and digestive biscuits, and there’s a big hit of the Norwegian sweets that I used to love but can’t for the life of me can remember the name of.
They were soft sickly, buttery caramel teddy bears covered in chocolate.
All of this though is simply a platform in which the hops attack you.
It’s a beautiful attack though.
Dry leafy crispness.
Like a wander through woodland in autumn.
I just want more and more.
Jeg elsker Nøgne Ø.


Nota Candy (27/12/11): I think The sweets I’m referring to are called Bamse Mums.

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