Morland Old Crafty Hen (6.5%)

Greene King under cover, and this is a blended beer.
I’m guessing a mixture of 5X (noted on the label) and Speckled Hen.
The very first mouthful was surprisingly full of cinnamon filled apple pie with a thick pastry crust.
Hiding in the background, the 5X provides warmth and depth and is there to push the Speckled Hen flavours and intensify the malts.
This may well be my favourite readily available Greene King beer.
It’s certainly proof for those that need it that they can make a really good beer if they try (even if it’s blended).
What I’d really like to see is the 5X put out as a limited run brew in its own right.
“Craft” fans would love it.
But why oh why do they insist on using clear glass bottles?

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