Brouwerij Van Steenberge Celis White (5%)

What a funny little bottle of beer this is.
A tiny little 250ml bottle of Belgian wheat beer.
I may have finally found a weisse beer that I like.
This is an incredibly subtle brew that I believe was originally developed and brewed in the USA.
None of your usual nutmeg and clove smack in the teeth, instead you are given a subdued stroll through green herbs, spiked with lemon peel and hints of red peppercorns.
In the background lurks a lager style malting that provides a delightfully playful lick of caramel.
If I was to wax all pretentious and lyrical I’d say that this little bottle reminds me of the ladies with parasols you see promenading in the background of all the best cowboy films – they say nothing but insinuate everything.
As I’m not one for waxing all pretentious and lyrical I’ll just say, by Jove this is a really decent little beer.

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