Coniston Brewing Co. Original India Pale Ale (6%)

Just before I opened this bottle I had a read of the label, saw it was 6% ABV and said out loud, “Oh, just the right amount.”
I’m not a hundred percent convinced that I know what I meant.
(I did also make sure no one had heard me talking out loud about my beer.)
What I think I meant was that this is a pretty good level of alcohol for a decent IPA to hold the flavours I’m after.
And it does.
This is a beautiful rich honey coloured beer, full of orange juice, lime zest, tamarind bitterness and lychee dryness.
There’s a smack of fibrous mango that rounds the beer off and the malting is a big, fat and fantastic whole wheat shortcake sagging under the weight of slightly salted caramel.
I’ve just taken another swig having finished off a rather hot king prawn stir fry and the main flavour was fresh orange juice again, with just enough zing to cut through the chilli on my tongue.
What a terrific IPA this is.

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