Frog Island Shoemaker (4.2%)

Shoemaker, from the Northampton brewery Frog Island (insert your own cobblers jokes here), is an Amber beer that’s been around for a while – it won prizes back in 1996 for a start.

However  I only came across it for the first time in my local this past week. I generally try and sample all the guest beers on offer during my weekly visit but it’s a complement to say I stuck with this beer for the duration. So what’s it like?

It’s a flavoursome 4.2% session beer with a citrus flavour that lingers in the background which is due to the Cascade Hops which are also mixed alongside Target hops for good measure! It has a prevalent but light taste of malt which ensures a nice bittery after taste thanks to the Target. One to add to the “must have some more of that” list……………………..

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