Full Mash Brewery Oak King (4.6%)

Warning: This review may include thoughts and views that some people might not agree with.
If this is the case please refrain from being aggressive or abusive in your replies.

I can’t be arsed arguing about this anymore, though I am more than happy to have polite discussion.
We are all entitled to our own views, and these are mine.

As you probably know I really dislike bad labelling – From the Carry On Film ‘hilarity’ of certain old fashioned Real Ales to the people who use Hobbit-esque, fairy dust film flam because it’s somehow seen to be traditional for ale to go hand in hand with all that Olde Worlde nonsense.
Like listening to The Yetties and enjoying some mild racism, there’s a whole mindset encapsulated in the faux folk imagery of yore that’s over used by unimaginative designers when it comes to beer.
This bottle I have in front of me suffers from just that, and that’s a great shame because the beer in this bottle from Full Mash of Nottingham is excellent.
It’s a glowing chestnut beer with a seasoned wood aroma that tells you the flavours will be rich and satisfying.
And they are.
Big, burly and muscular, the malts hang around like a thick fog.
Drenched in toasted hazelnuts, crusty bread, molasses and hints of fig roll, this is a giant sized malt extravaganza.
But that’s only half the story.
This beer has also been heavily hopped to give you a lengthy but highly pleasurable wrestle with peppery, floral, fruity, rain soaked hedgerow that cracks under foot and leaves a delicious nettle sting bitterness on the way down.
I only wish that the label didn’t make me think the worst.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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