Schwaben Bräu Das Echte Märzen (5.7%)

I’m sure I was told by someone that this beer is only brewed once a year.
However often they’re making it, it’s a mighty fine beer.
Bursting with fruity goodness, it has a very tasty salted Dime Bar praline thing going on, and that’s something I could drink all day.
I’d need to be careful though and watch my step as this Märzen hides its ABV very well indeed and could easily sneak up on you if you were faced with a few glasses of it – It’s just such easy drinking.
The hops are fine and subtle and they bookend the beer beautifully.
From the nosefull of tangy spice and bread dough at the beginning to the almost creamy dreamy dryness at the end.
I only wish I’d bought more!

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