Youngs London Porter (4.2%)

After a considerable absence a version of Youngs Porter (or should that be Charles Wells now that Youngs has pulled out of the brewing side of things?) has made a welcome return to the hand-pumps.

The last time a draught Youngs Porter appeared (10-12 years ago, possibly longer?) I remember it being an enjoyable pint so is this new “London Porter” a worthwhile reappearance?

This latest version is a dark ruby red with an initial roast coffee taste which gives way to a lighter, fruity and blackberry flavour. It becomes sweeter as you drink it with the roasted malt losing ground. It’s not a bad pint at all and it tasted slightly stronger than it’s current abv of 4.2%.

It will be interesting to see how Charles Wells fares with this beer in and around their Bedfordshire heartlands seeing as they don’t have a regular dark draught beer at present. I hope it becomes a regular addition to their expanding range (they have recently aquired McEwans…….) and only time will tell. However given that there is no mention of it on their website that fact alone may be telling to where this beers future lies.


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