For Diana: Marble Brewery Saison Special 2011 (9%)

Yesterday my Mother In Law passed away.
She was none of the Mother In Law jokes, she was simply a wonderful, strong, beautiful, clever, funny and endlessly generous woman.
It seemed only fitting to raise a glass to her last night and what better to toast her with than a rather special, delicious and memorable beer.
Bottle conditioned and perfectly fizzy, this beer smells of stewed apples, pears and plums.
In fact it smells like Sunday lunch at my in-laws.
There’s a sherry trifle alcohol heat too which warms you through before you even take a sip.
The flavours here are fruity too, big and fun and ready for a giggle because, unlike the fruits in your nose, the fruits in your mouth are more corner shop tropical fruit chewy sweets than old English orchards.
You’re given a big bag of sweeties like your Grandmother would have ready when you went to visit.
There’s a delicious bready yeast that cuts across all this and a heavy dose of brandy booze that makes this Saison one hell of a grown up drink.
Towards the end malted milk biscuits, bananas and a tiny side helping of pickled cabbage give way to an enormous flowery hop hit that leads you to the most enormous dry finish imaginable.
And so, I raise this glass to my wonderful Mother In Law, Diana.
I will miss you, but I will remember the fun and the laughs we’ve shared, and you will always be with us, especially when we’re having fun.






In Memory of Diana Hancock (08/01/1927 – 22/03/2012)

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