Hadrian & Border Brewery Tyneside Brown Ale (4.7%)

“This’ll be like Newcastle Brown,” I thought as I opened the bottle, “just some vaguely hoppy malty beer.”
It certainly poured like Newcastle Brown but that’s where the similarity ended.
What we have here is a fine deep red ale that is packed to the gills with the stuff we all want in a good beer.
I’d left the bottle in the fridge for what should [probably have been a little too long, but still the flavours leapt out at me.
This beer is full of nuts.
Freshly roasted chestnuts, hazelnuts and hot peanuts join forces and sidle up to you grinning madly.
Well, they would wouldn’t they?
They’re nuts!
There’s also a deliciously deep, moresome, and homely digestive biscuit and thick unguent toffee, which is balanced with a terrific kick from the bitter hopping.
It’s green, it’s fresh, it’s crisp and clean, and it’s got a big dose of lemon juice and a dry pithiness that I just want more of.

PLEASE NOTE: No comedy was hurt during the writing of this review.

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