Marks & Spencer Greenwich Red Ale (4%)

Well this is disappointing.
I saw this on the shelf this afternoon, loved the 750ml bottle and the label tells me that this is brewed with, “caramel malts […] and American hops for a refreshingly balanced flavour.”
Being Greenwich Red Ale I presume this is brewed by Meantime, which makes me even more disappointed.
This beer pours a nice ruby red colour with a little foamy head, but there’s barely anything to smell, other than gas, as you pour and once you start drinking the flavours are far too flimsy to make a lasting impression.
Perhaps the ABV needs to be higher because there’s a great big hole in the middle of this beer where the body ought to be.
Brewed with caramel malts? Where are they?
You get a decent bitter tang from the hopping but with no discernible malts to back them up they limp along and leave a distinctly unappealing rusty metallic aftertaste.
Having drunk another glass, you can really taste the water in the brew, that’s how thin it is.
It’s simply crying out for a big blob of gooey, sticky, toffee right in its heart to bring together and back up the flavours that are currently drifting aroiund and being washed away all too quickly.
Oh, and I’ve just realised what this tastes like.
This beer is one part BrewDog’s 5am Saint to nine parts water.
Next time I’ll buy a Saint.

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