Victory Brewing Co. Golden Monkey (9.5%)

An American take on a Belgian Tripel with a side order of spices, this is every bit as good as I was hoping it would be.
Pouring into my glass in a fug of Saison like orchard fruit goodness,  the beer doesn’t give a great deal of head but it does tease you with its sexy orange hue as it lounges around waiting to be supped.
The immediate flavours are fruity, big crushed apple pulp and pear juice, a squeeze of lime and a snap of spice.
Holding everything together is a thick, filling malt body.
It’s all brioche and croissant butteriness, oily on your tongue and building into an enormous mountain of bran fuelled goodness.
The hops play around on top.
They tug at you, offering flowers before poking your eye with citrus, they slap you with a hazel switch and then rub you gently in elderflower water.
And then there’s the spice infusion.
It’s peppercorns and coriander, a hit of mace and some lemongrass and it works really well, building up with the heat of the alcohol into a head full of potent, giddy, boozy sexiness.
I love Victory’s Hop Devil.
This is the second beer of theirs I have tried and I love this one even more.
If you see it, drink it.

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