Windsor & Eton Conqueror 1075 (7.4%)

As Windsor & Eton have a Conqueror Black IPA at a lower ABV, I can only suppose that this is their Double Black IPA.
Whatever it is, it’s superb.
I tried a bottle a few weeks ago and found it flat.
I was hugely disappointed at the time, but as so many people told me that I must have just had a bad bottle I duly got hold of another one and I’m very pleased that I did.
Pouring dark and imperious into my glass, Conqueror 1075 retains a ring of bubbles after its head dies down, and while you pour it fills your nose with sweet shop liquorice and stewed prunes.
The flavours here are big but not brash, in fact they’re rather toned and refined, though they hide a playful kick for later on.
Thick liquorice and red berries burst, pop, explode, generally making a racket on your tongue, a fanfare no less.
There are some devilishly dry, cheek pinchingly raw hop flavours going on too.
Great big pithy, apricot skinned, lemon zest fuelled, orange rind coated chocolate biscuits and a side order of espresso.
My oh my this is a terrific little bottle of goodness.

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