Windsor & Eton Conqueror (5%)

One or two people have told me that this is their favourite beer.
Having finally opened a bottle for myself I can see why they might say that kind of thing.
I broke the cap and a mist of pineapple and grapefruit filled the room, and once the fog settled there’s a super and rather unusual fragrance.
It’s full of incense, smokey jasmine like your very favourite Indian restaurant while you wait for your favourite meal, and all the flavours follow suit.
This is an incredibly intricate but superbly balanced beer.
It’s also a black IPA that tastes like no other.
You don’t get the hefty chocolatey porter style flavours up front.
They’re here but just peeping in at stage left.
Across the palate there are dry woody tones, a good cup of coffee, malted milk biscuits, soft rich toffee, more jasmine perfume, and a hint of beautifully cooked smoked bacon.
Windsor & Eton have then gone and added some hops to all this.
And they’ve added a bloody lot of hops at that.
Screamingly big bushy, dry, pithy lemon and grapefruit zest, mandarin juice and mango pulp, and a big fistful of elderflowers crushed and pulped with sea salt and some fresh herbs.
To put it in a nutshell, this beer has blown me away.

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