Windsor & Eton Windsor Knot (4.5%)

I’ll set aside my feelings about the Royal Family otherwise it will taint this beer and my review of it, and that would be a pity as Windsor Knot is really rather good.
The colour is a deliciously deep runny honey with a wisp of a head, and the smell is sweet and sticky and really quite appealing.
With my first mouthful I was taken aback by the flavour.
It’s all American craft – Big woody malt with some pine resin and lots of flowers, but then it mellows into a fist full of rum and raisin and a big block of mouth coating fudge.
You can really taste the leaves in the hopping, they flutter on your breath and give a wonderful soft tingle of greenery and citrus pith.
All this and a very strong bitter, dry finish that has you reaching for your glass.
Windsor Know doesn’t change my feelings about the monarchy but it’s a damned good beer nonetheless.

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