Buntingford Single Hop Series Continues…..

Buntingford’s darker beers have not impressed moi of late having far too much caramel in for my liking. However they are back on track with their single hop series and two of them appeared in one’s soon to be ex local hostelry!

First up was Perle (4%), a hop originally developed in Germany towards the end iof the 1970’s. This was a nice hoppy pint packed with the refreshing taste of flora and fruit with a bit of spicey aftertaste for good measure.

Next up was Galena (4%) which was developed even earlier in the States (1960’s). This had a pleasant grassy, fruity taste which gave it a mellow flavour. It wasn’t too dissimilar to the likes of Oakham Inferno which uses an abundance of US Hops.

As Buntingford only supplies beers in a 35 mile radius I am gonna miss beers like this when i relocate. However I have ny fingers crossed in the hope that the Marynka turns up before I leave. This is Polish hop with the promise of herbal, citrus & aniseed notes which sounds right up my street.

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