@BarlFire Simco)) (4.2%)

A home brewed single hop beer from a chap I feel like I’ve know for ages.
This is my first taste of his beer and I have to say it’s really rather good.
I was warned that the beer may be lacking a little in aroma but, though not punchy, it smelled OK to me with hints of orange rind, a few jelly sweets and a grapefruit zing that grew as the beer warmed.
During my last visit to Leeds I was talking in The North Bar about how many people who used to be involved in the music business now seem to be involved in beer, and @BarlFire is yet more proof of this.
One of the things I like most about this link is that it seems to equate to more time being spent on how beer labels and pump clips look.
Artwork becomes important like the record sleeves of my youth.
Sorry, I digress.
Back to the beer.
This brew is all about highlighting the Simcoe hop and it does it very well.
The malts are lightly doused in honey and have a brittle feeling.
They hold up but in the most delicate way.
This gives a lovely subtle platform for the hops to show off.
Oily and resinous, there’s a big glug of orange juice, some excellent tartness, and a spoonful of home made citrus fruit marmalade.
And then everything goes all dry and crisp and leaves you puckered and happy.
I for one can’t wait for the next brew.

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