Blue Monkey Infinity (4.6%)

This evening I was looking for a big hoppy kiss and in this beer from Blue Monkey of Nottingham I found just what I needed.
This is a pale amber ale with enormous attitude.
The beer glints and winks in your glass, full of life and looking for fun with its constant bubbling and ring of white foam.
The aroma is caramel and straw and the outdoors on a sunny afternoon, all fresh and breezy and buzzing with life.
Infinity is fuelled by Citra hops and there’s a lot of them in your bottle and they work together as a gang.
They’re chewing on matchsticks and wearing cap sleeved t-shirts and they want to make you pucker.
And they do.
You’re given just enough caramel in the malting to soften the blow of the hoppy bullies and to give you a little sweet caress, but once the Citra gang gets to work they build and grow and pummel away with itchy black pepper spice, slap you around the chops with whips of hedgerow wood, tickle cheekily with green leafy goodness and then they roughly rub salt and lemon juice, grapefruit zest and lime rind into your gaping battered face.
Sounds good doesn’t it?
It’s bloody brilliant.

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