Crondall Brewery

Finding out about the Crondall Brewery was one of those happy little discoveries that one makes from time to time, a small local brewery run by a husband and wife team, making a small but great quality range of different beers. So it was sad to hear that, due to illness, the owners have decided they have to sell the brewery and are interested to hear from anyone willing to take it on as a going concern or as an asset.  In their own words:

“If you know of anyone who would like to become the new owners of The Crondall Brewery please ask them to contact us. Over the 7 years we have built up a reputation and tremendous rapport with our customers and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support over this time.

“The microbrewery is a 5/8 barrel set up consisting of stainless steel vessels and has the capacity to brew 2,720 pints three times per week. The business has plenty of scope for expansion and it wortwould be tremendous to see someone else step into our shoes and continue on the good work.”

As I know that the good folk of CAMRBG like, in many cases make, really good beer I thought it would be worth putting this out there to see if there are people that might be interested. I’m sure it would help Chris and David immensely at this difficult time if anyone with a serious interest could get in touch with them.

The Crondall Brewery is located at Crondall near Farnham in Surrey. You can find out more about them or get in touch via their website at

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