Farewell To Bedfordshire #1 The March Hare

After just after three and a half years it’s almost time to wave goodbye to Biggleswade and say hello to the Essex estuary town of Leigh-On-Sea. However I am trying to cram as many pub visits in as possible during my remaining time before departing Bedfordshire.

This “farewell tour” started off in The March Hare in Dunton, a pub that re-opened last year after being shut for a couple prior to that. We visted it last year when it received mix reviews – well is was the end of the day – but on our recent visit for a CAMRA branch meeting it was clear that the pub had taken notice of comments by the local branch and the once spartan pub was now sporting a much more welcoming look.

One of our group who wasn’t impressed on the last visit underwent a conversion and the beer was on tip top condition with local brews from Buntingford and Banks & Taylor being available. However the highlight was Cuckoo (4.3%) from The Mauldon Brewery in Essex which didn’t taste anything like the brewery websites description. Well it is a Cuckoo after all!

The March Hare also has a packed itineray to reflect it’s role in the community with nights ranging from quizzes, takeway nights and brewery visits. They also sell locally produced cider from the craft cider makers of erm, Dunton Cider!

Dunton is a small village in Bedfordshire near the Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire borders. It’s a few miles from Biggleswade which is easily accessible via the A1 or national rail services.

EDIT. We were back there the other night for the monthly quiz which is held on the first Sunday of every month. We enjoyed a few of Butcombe Brewery’s Mendip Spring which was a lighty, hoppy floral pint with a strength of 3.8% which is ideal for a Sunday night!

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