Mallinsons Brewing Co. Citra (3.9%)

When I saw this beer in The Offie I was surprised at how low the ABV was, but I’d heard so much about the brewery I had to just go for it.
And I’m please that I did.
As the name suggests, this beer is all about the hops.
Pouring a very pale straw, the smell is absolutely full of grapefruit, chewy sweets and mango.
In fact the smell is surprisingly big for the relatively low alcohol content.
The flavours are big too.
You get just enough dry biscuit malting to give a mouth filling body, and it’s lucky that you do because the Citra is enormous.
Razor sharp lemons and grapefruit, this isn’t a squeeze of juice and a hint of pith or zest.
No, this is a pound of grapefruits and lemons blended into a pulp with a hit of pepper, shaped into a ball and then thumped into your face.
This is a big beer with a comfortable ABV.
This is super.

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