The Kernel India Pale Ale Galaxy (7.4%)

What an enormous bottle of beer this is.
It’s like the Tardis, only 330ml on the outside but fathoms deep on the inside.
The beer is a deep orange and gives a lovely bit of head that follows you down the glass, and the flavours are huge and all dayglo, with overwhelming splashes of green tangerines, under-ripe, bitingly bitter, fiercely astringent, but strangely delicious.
In fact, in thinking about how this beer tastes I ended up thinking visually, so strong are the tones here.
And what this beer does for me is very personal.
It takes me back to my childhood in Jamaica.
I was brought up there (arriving in the UK at eight years old) and one of my strongest memories is filled with colour.
It’s being up in the Blue Mountains, the side of the road lined with small stalls selling tangerines that were so beautifully ORANGE that they burned into your retinas against the deeply dark blue green of the forst behind, dense and thick and lush.
This beer tastes like that and it’s remarkable.

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