Durham Brewery Jubilate (6.5%)

When I heard that Durham were brewing a beer for the Jubilee I had to try it.
But what with my feelings about all things Royal and with the brewery now offering a special label printing service I simply couldn’t resist having Jubilate bottled with a CAMRGB label.
I imagine I’ll be hanged, drawn and quartered for such treason, but if I am I could go happily after a pint of this wonderful IPA.
CAMRGB Modern India Pale Ale (as I’m sure it’ll be known everywhere from now on) pours a bright and shining golden amber with plenty of frothy head that settles to a comfortable pillow of foam.
It doesn’t smell so much as reeks of Tizer and orange peel.
As with all the Durham beers I get a small hit of Belgian-esque yeast before the malts come in.
And when those malts do come in it’s on a raft of brandy snaps and root ginger, caramel sticky sweets and a Jaffa Cake.
There’s a certain Irn Bru tinge to this beer and coupled with the Tizer aroma it makes this beer a great big alcohol fuelled kids’ sweet shop.
Bubble gum pops and popcorn cracks, and the finish suddenly makes you grow up as it goes all adult and X rated and sexy.
Crisp, clean, sensuous bitterness stops you dead and turns your head.
A beer fit for a Queen?
A beer fit for CAMRGB!

About Simon Williams

Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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