Goose Island Bourbon County 2011 (14.5%)

I’m going to struggle to find words to describe this.
One reason is that this is a sublime bottle of beer.
The other reason is that it’s 14.5% and as a result my pen’s getting a bit blurry.
Goose Island are hoping to make this a regular in the UK this autumn and I sincerely hope that they do because it is simply wonderful.
Pouring as black as can be and sitting ultra heavy in your glass, this beer stinks of fruity bourbon.
It’s booze soaked plums and coffee and with every sip I love it more.
Forget BrewDog’s high ABV beers, this one wipes the floor with *Tokyo.
Drinking this beer is opening a bottle of brilliant bourbon and having a beer chaser with every mouthful.
The body is a thick mouth coating bitter chocolate primed with sultanas and raisins, a fresh cup of black coffee and cracked black peppercorns.
And then just as your eyes begin to cross and the world blurs into a heady mix of wispy backgrounds and harsh closeups you realise there’s a flowery green hedgerow finish hiding away at the end of this extraordinary beer.
Simply astonishing.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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