Hawkshead Brewery Cumbrian Five Hop (6%)

Made with a range of hops from around the world there’s a beautifully subtle blend in the brewing here.
Cumbrian Five Hop is an enticing orange amber that pours with just a ring of bubbles for a head.
Its aroma is full of honey and gooseberries and lemon leaves, and sitting at the base of this beer is a course cut orange marmalade on warm toast.
And from this jump the hops, which is really what this beer is all about.
They come in waves and provide the most wonderful depth of flavour.
Firstly there’s the big round, almost plump grass and straw of the English hops that taste for all the world like apple trees look.
Then the exotic hops take turns to say hello.
Hot and spicy peppercorns tickle, mandarin juice gets squeezed, mango flesh fibrousness gives body.
There’s the obligatory grapefruit zesty zing and then it all goes dry and crisp with hints of pine resin and a crunchy greenness that’s really very good indeed.
Super stuff.

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