Marble Brewery Dobber (5.9%)

In the past I’ve had a mixed experience with Marble.
Their Saison Special blew me away but all three of the bottles of Tawny I tried were flat and lifeless.
Dobber however, is superb.
One thing I really love about this brewery is their bottle labels.
They are simple, minimal, beautiful.
Very Factory Records.
Very Manchester.
And my guess would be whoever designs them loves their Pantone Reference Book as much as I love mine.
As for Dobber as a beer.
Is it an IPA?
The label gives nothing away but that’s where I’d put my money without a computer in front of me to find out.
Dobber pours a lovely deep orange with a big fluffy dandelion clock of a head that does its best to last right down the glass.
It smells of peaches, cereals, booze and yeast.
Sounds good, right?
As for how it tastes, this is a beer with a whole lot of loving in it.
It’s a big boned beer.
There’s just so much of it.
The malts are caramel toffee thick, rinsed in linseed oil and carrying bagfuls of biscuit crumbs.
The hops are hefty too.
Limes get squished, mangos are pulped, there’s a hint of smoky bacon (Really! There is!) and a leafy, woody, hazelnut dry pithiness that rubs a scouring pad across your lips before kissing you better with a load of elderflowers.

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