Mikkeller The American Dream (4.6%)

I am told that this is a bottle conditioned pilsner.
Maybe it is, but in all honesty I really don’t give a damn what the hell it is.
All I know is that Mikkeller’s deftness with brewing, their lightness of touch, is something else.
This beer pours the colour of a strong IPA, a deep burnished amber that just about sings in your glass.
The aroma is chewing gum.
Packet of Juicy Fruit in fact.
Like I often find myself doing with this brewery I spent a little while just looking and sniffing, and then my initial mouthful came on all steeped in melon juice.
Round and soft and watery melon juice.
The malt is peppery cardamom biscuit with a ladle of honey, and there’s a weight to the body that makes this beer feel at least twice the strength that it is.
Oh and the hops.
Green apple, birch bark, pine nuts and lime pith that all dries in the finish beautifully.
In word, elegant.

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