Oakham Ales Hawkse Buckler (5.6%)

Isn’t it funny how Oakham is just up the road from me and one of my friends used to work for them before moving to Salopian, and yet to get hold of this I had to buy it from Beeritz in Yorkshire.
Anyhow, as with all their other beers I’ve tried, this is super.
It pours into your glass like road tar, dark and black and sticky looking.
Is this a stout or a porter or, god forbid, another Black IPA?
I’m not sure.
What I do know is it smells of fruit pie and jasmine.
For a beer of this type with a reasonably low ABV the flavours are extraordinary.
Massive hits of black coffee, jelly sweets, smoky jasmine incense and a back end built form digestive biscuits coated in dark chocolate.
And that’s just the malt.
Just as you’re savouring all this fruity malty madness the hops go all dry and brittle, leafy green and rubbed in grapefruit zest.
They give you a super crisp and dry finish and make this a rather special bottle of beer.

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