Otley Brewing Co. O8 (8%)

This doesn’t taste anything like I expected it to, but it does taste rather brilliant.
O8 is a rich amber beer that holds no head at all.
The smell is really interesting, full of whisky doused orange marmalade with a glassful of homemade lemonade on the side.
Taking a big mouthful throws an immediate curve.
O8 has a distinct earthiness that’s absolutely packed with blue cheese rind and wild mushrooms.
It’s earthy and rich, deep and meaty, and incredibly delicious.
Sweetness comes in the form of a very pleasant toffee coated biscuit, all malty baked crumbs and slowly dripping caramels.
This turns to a darker, blacker treacle and splashes of rum as you move down the glass.
The hops are floral in a springtime new leaf green way, fresh but pithily dry.
But it’s that funghi filled blue cheese that fills the palate and that I find really very delicious.

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