Schnitzerbräu German Hirse Premium (5%)

I’ve been delving into gluten free beer, and this one poured a really insipid yellow, its frothy head disappearing within seconds.
There’s an odd but not wholly unpleasant smell, a little bit sweet, a lot like vegetables.
Perhaps that’s the peas.
Hold your horses, I’m getting there.
You get a reasonable malt in this beer, but again there’s something a bit weird going on in here.
You know what?
I blame the ingredients.
Pea protein, millet, hops, and a lovely blend of antioxidants and ascorbic acid.
I’m sorry, and you can call me a beardy beer bore if you like, but reading this kind of thing puts me off a bit.
It’s like buying Co-Op’s own brand red wine.
I used to and I would get a headache.
Eventually I read the label which listed all the added ingredients that wine shouldn’t need.
Like preservatives.
Surely wine can preserve itself.
It’s always managed in the past.
In the USA it’d be called a wine flavoured beverage.
I stopped buying it and went back to ‘real’ wine and the headaches stopped.
This thing I’m drinking should be called a beer flavoured beverage.
I’m ever so sorry if you’re a Celiac, but this is a poor relation to its German brothers and sisters in the beer world.

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