Stone Brewing Co. Cali-Belgique (6.9%)

Are all Stone beers as terrific as this?
This is my first one you see, and it’s stunningly good.
I poured a glassful and was still left with a hefty swig from the bottle thanks to the 600ml serving.
Cali-Belgique is a shining golden colour that simply sizzles with fun.
A California style IPA with a Belgian twist?
And what’s more it’s absolutely brilliant.
The aroma is all mango and sunshine and palm trees and yeasty gassy goodness.
And it tastes?
Oh man.
There’s an initial wash of cream soda and toffee, and a side of crunchy peanut butter.
But then two things happen.
Firstly the Belgian yeast kicks in, bringing with it a superb blast of bready aniseed, mace and parsley.
That’s Belgium for you.
Then California takes over and with that comes citrus pith, white rum, raisins, grapefruit juice in your eyes and orange juice on your tongue.
Syrup soaked pine needles come next before everything goes beautifully dry, with pot pourri scents and a dead leaf brittleness that just seems to hang around forever.
I’ll ask again.
Are all Stone beers this good?

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