1248 Brewery Fitzroy IPA (7.2%)

I am a very lucky man.
Very lucky indeed.
Not only have I met a whole bunch of very nice and interesting people through CAMRGB, but some of them make beer and occasionally they send me some to try.
The beer that I have here is a home brew from Alex at Hardknott and it’s immensely good.
It pours the most glowing and delicious marmalade orange with a very feisty head and smells for all the world like a big bad mango stealing sweets from the corner shop of your youth.
It’s an enormous cartoon-like beer, with googly eyed glasses on it hits you with enormous flavours.
Mandarin orange and kiwi flesh, a super caramel carapace that’s crunchy sugared goodness and meaty guts made entirely out of tropical fruit sweets, lime zest and woody resinous pith.
The finish is long and dry and lovely.
What I’d love to see is Alex getting together with Fergus and Andy of Black Hen to home brew together as they might just make the beer world explode.

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