Black Isle Brewery Scotch Ale (6.2%)

This is one of those beers that you wish came in a bigger bottle.
330ml just isn’t enough.
Black Isle’s Scotch Ale is a deep and sensuous mahogany red and fills your nose with bracken and pine bark and crisp leaf litter.
So far this seems to be a bit of a theme with Black Isle’s beers, but that’s in no way a complaint.
This brewery has a signature flavour that I’ve mentioned before.
It’s the taste of walking through the highlands.
Bracken and heather, pine and woodland, all washed clean in pure rain water.
The malt here is honey heavy, shortcake biscuits and just the vaguest whisky heat, while the hops jump out at you all vivid reds and greens.
Red wood, red berries, red autumnal leaves and green pithy grass, fresh green herbs and green bracken.
Delightful, wonderful, superb.
I appear to be running out of superlatives.

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