Brasserie De L’Abbaye Des Rocs Altitude 6 (6%)

Altitude 6 is 750ml of light, easy drinking Belgian blonde beer that pours a golden fresh apple juice colour with a soft, bubbly head.
It smells of apples too, along with mace, yeast, and a gentle background hum of garden greenery.
This is a very soft beer, with everything balanced delightfully and nothing harsh or overly powerful.
In fact I’d quite like something to jump out at me to be honest.
Golden syrupy honey drips off a freshly baked baguette, rocket leaves are mixed with kafir lime and given a light dusting of sea salt.
There’s a fondant caramel sweetness too, but it’s all very subdued.
Towards the end the hops prick at you with lemon juice and hazel bark, and the finish is pithy and dry.
Don’t get me wrong, this is a very nice beer indeed, and one that I’m more than happy to sit here and drink all evening, or at least until I fall out of my chair.
It’s just that if you want a beer to give you a big Belgian yeasty and metallic kick in the pants you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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